Welcome to Crafty Sheep Press!
Welcome to Crafty Sheep Press!
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Shop update September 26, 2018

Due to the overwhelming response to this book, we are currently out of stock. We anticipate being able to open ordering again the middle of October. Please visit this page of Rebecca's website for updates: https://rebeccamezoff.com/untangled/

How long will it take to get my order?

Untangled is a print-on-demand product. That means that in addition to shipping time, you need to count on 3-5 business days of printing time. In the continental USA this means it could take two weeks to get your book. Plan ahead and enjoy it when it comes! Believe me, you don't want Rebecca trying to take orders and ship you books. Save her sanity! (be patient)

International shipping is really expensive! Is there any way around this?

International shipping through this company is expensive. Rebecca has no way to decrease this option and she is sorry about that! Consider ordering a few books and giving them to friends as gifts or ordering with a friend to split the shipping cost. Shipping is the same for multiple copies.

Can I learn tapestry techniques from this book?

This book is not a comprehensive techniques book. It is a fun look at some of Rebecca's favorite tricks illustrated by some adorable sheep and one serious spider. If you're wanting to learn how to weave tapestry from the beginning, please consider Rebecca's online courses Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms or Warp and Weft: Learning the Structure of Tapestry. Information about those courses is online at rebeccamezoff.com/online-learning

Will there be another tapestry tips book?

Yes! Rebecca and Molly are working on further books like this one. You will be able to enjoy the next book sometime next year. We have plans for books about knitting and spinning also.

What tips does this book cover?

Do you offer refunds?

Crafty Sheep Press has a no refund policy. If you have questions, please Contact Rebecca.

Will you be writing a comprehensive tapestry techniques book?

Yes. In fact Rebecca is working on one right now through a major publisher. The release date for that book is tentatively fall of 2020.

Why don't you offer this on Amazon?

The printing industry is complicated. Rebecca felt strongly that the best presentation of this material and illustration was in this small hardcover book. Amazon's options only included paperback and profit margins for this option were so slim it made the option untenable. Support small business. Buy it here.