Welcome to Crafty Sheep Press!
Welcome to Crafty Sheep Press!
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About Us

Craft Sheep Press was born out of a love of quirky animal characters and yarn. Rebecca’s book, Untangled: A Crafty Sheep’s Guide to Tapestry Weaving, combines her knowledge of tapestry weaving with illustrative drawings by Molly.

Rebecca Mezoff
When she wasn’t digging in the sand in her backyard in New Mexico, Rebecca Mezoff grew up making dolls out of her dad’s old socks. Now she makes large-format tapestries and is often found weaving in her pajamas which she affectionately calls her “home pants”. She also creates courses she teaches online and occasionally she leaves the studio to teach weavers in the real world about color and technique in tapestry. You can find out more about her on her website and blog at http://www.rebeccamezoff.com.

Rebecca’s work can be found in numerous public and private collections. She does work on commission and is currently under contract for two large commissions for private homes. She started her tapestry career as the apprentice of the late master tapestry artist, James Koehler. She has taught at Penland School of Crafts, Handweaver’s Guild of America’s Convergence, Interweave’s Yarn Fest, and for many small conferences and guilds. She also runs her own tapestry masterclass retreats several times a year.


Molly McNeece, Illustrator
Artist & Illustrator Molly McNeece is best known for her lively and colorful illustrations full of color, humor, and intricate detail.

Molly McNeece was born in North Dakota and then moved to Alaska for high school and two years studying art at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. After moving to Michigan in 1997, Molly received her bachelor's and master’s degrees at Michigan State University. She first became interested in a career in the arts as a young girl watching her grandmother draw and weave in her own home studio. Molly is inspired by her travels (especially at the sea shore) and spending time with her family. Her media includes pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic painting.

Molly exhibits at galleries, local art shows, and has won acclaim at local, state and national art competitions. She currently works as a public school art educator in southwest Michigan. Her dream of becoming a children’s book illustrator began with her iBook Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse (McNeece 2014). Molly’s other books include Joshua and Jasmine go to Kindergarten (McNeece 2016) and Tapestry Tips (Mezoff 2018).

Molly’s company, McNeece Consulting LLC, is currently creating original art for local projects, private art for collectors, and book illustrations. You can find more information about her and her work at mollymcneece.com.